Subscription Process for BSNL-XgenPlus

1) Send message ‘START M’ to 51123.
2) As soon as you send the message, your account will be created on BSNL-XgenPlus and Rs 50 will be deducted from your balance.
3) In a short while you will get an SMS with registration link for BSNL-XgenPlus email account.
4) Clicking on the link will open a web-page. Enter your details (First Name & Last Name) and click on ‘Next’.
5) On the next page, create your login id and password for BSNL-XgenPlus email account and click on ‘Next’.
6) On the next page, you will have the option to fill 3 optional fields – Alternate email, alternate mobile number and Company url. You can either enter these details and click on ‘Next’ or click on ‘Skip’ to skip these details.
7) This will complete your registration process and you will get a congratulatory message on the next page.
8) At this stage, you will get a ‘Thank-you’ message for registering for BSNL-XgenPlus email account.
9) You will get another SMS with IMAP, POP, SMTP settings for your BSNL-XgenPlus email account.
10) Now you will be able to access your BSNL-XgenPlus email account either through your mobile phone or through web.

Un-subscription process for BSNL-XgenPlus email account

1) Send ‘STOP M’ to 51123.
2) If you have a single BSNL-XgenPlus email account, then that account will be deleted.
3)If you have multiple BSNL-XgenPlus email accounts, and any one of them is pending for registration, then that account will be deleted automatically.
4) If you have multiple BSNL-XgenPlus email accounts, and none of them is pending for registration, then you will be asked for the account you want to delete.
5)Alternatively, you can also send ‘STOP M’ to delete a particular account.